Pulsar UV Inc


At Pulsar UV, we understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the film industry more than anyone. We are a team of experienced film industry and medical professionals, combining our unique backgrounds to help keep productions safe by providing a wide range of testing, medical advisory services, and other services accustomed to production needs.

Our client-oriented structure allows us to easily facilitate productions while adhering to all guidelines set forth by unions, Public Health, the CDC, municipal, provincial and federal government officials. Our team’s combination of medical expertise and film industry experience is responsible for the quality of our services. 

Meet Our Team

Adrian Jaworkski, RPN

CEO / President

As a nurse, ACTRA, and former DGC member, Adrian was compelled to combine his unique skillset to protect his industry and colleagues with providing healthy and service services specific to the film industry. Thus, creating Pulsar Film Solutions.

Barbara Szeman, DGC

COO / Founder

Barbara draws from her 12 years of film production experience working as an assistant director, DGC member and Canadian Media Producers Association. She is dedicated to ensuring productions work safely, and in accordance to union standard guidelines.

Kelsi Mayne, RN

Chief Medical Director

Kelsi started her nursing career lending her expertise on set for CTV’s “Saving Hope”. Nine years later, Kelsi’s medical and entertainment paths cross again, this time serving as a medical liaison, lending her health and safety expertise to entire productions.

Dr. Danielle O'Toole, MD, M.H.Sc., CCFP, PHD

Medical Directive & Overseeing Physician

Leading two practices throughout the pandemic and working side-by-side with Public Health officials, Dr. O’Toole brings her first-hand knowledge to your production 24/7.

Iryna Shchybyvolok, BSc

Biomedical Scientist

Iryna is a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences graduate and is our Senior Laboratory Technician responsible for managing our Laboratory’s Covid-19 testing. Previously, Iryna worked as a patient care assistant at North York General Hospital, and as a laboratory technician for Netflix’s Ontario Laboratory. Iryna is highly dependable, known for being detail oriented and is dedicated to her work, also leading the research conducted at Pulsar Laboratories.

Sebastian Chirinos

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

An asset to our team with prior experience in film industry working as a personal assistant, and health & safety administrator. Sebastian is responsible for materials, system logistics, cyber security protection and everything in between. Sebastian is our on the ground officer overseeing every step of our services making sure deliveries are made accurately and on-time.

Brigitte North

Production Coordinator

Brigitte is highly experienced in the film industry working as a Second Unit Director and Assistant Director for a variety of films including The Kid Detective (2020). Her extensive understanding of Covid-19 production protocols and collaborating experience with Covid-Supervisors makes her uniquely qualified as Pulsar's acting Production Coordinator.

Corey Mayne

CFO, Technical Director

A VFX Technical Director from Pixar and Sony Imageworks, Corey’s experience working for major studios helped him to develop Pulsar UV’s nimble and efficient corporate structure.

Traci Lyn Hembruff, RPN

Hiring Manager

Traci is a Registered Practical Nurse who has been working within COVID Compliance for the last two years. She has several years of management experience prior to her embarking on her nursing career.